Staff Roster

Elaine Leighton, MPH, CAE, Executive Director, 847-430-5083

Pat Heiberger, Executive Assistant / Governance Coordinator, 847-430-5088​

Michelle Adams, Director of Education, 847-430-5077

Shelly Encher​, Director of Membership and Outreach, 847-430-5087

Hazel Oreluk​, Director of Research, 847-430-5085

Jessica Dornfeld, Marketing & Communications Senior Manager, 847-430-5094

Wendy Carranza​, Meetings Manager, 847-430-5081​

Alena Frey, Education Manager, 847-430-5092

Natasha Roman,​ Finance Manager, 847-430-5078​​​​

Krista Stewart, Membership Manager, 847-430-5082

James Walwark​IT Manager, 847-430-5091 ​​​​​

Christine Johnson, Education Senior Coordinator, 847-430-5080​

Julie Murkowski​, Education Coordinator, 847-430-5089

Christie Brannon​, Marketing and Communications Specialist, 847-430-5127

Guadalupe Gonzalez de Trejo​, Research Coordinator, 847-430-5095

Shera Palmer Cook​, FAI/FAO Managing Editor, 847-430-5086

Debra Whalen, Exhibits/Corporate Support Services, 847-430-5084