How to "Read" Your Shoes

Buying new shoes? Bringing in old shoes when you're buying new ones can be helpful if you have a knowledgeable salesperson. The salesperson can evaluate the wear patterns to help you get a better fit as well as a style that will compensate for the stresses you place on shoes.

What are your shoes trying to tell you? Here are the basic wear patterns:


   Wear on the ball of the foot:

   Your heel tendons may be too tight. Stretch them with heel raises.


Wear on the inner sole:

You pronate or turn in. Inner liners or orthotic supports may help. 



     Toe-shaped ridges on the upper:

     Shoes are too small or you have hammertoes.


Outer sole wear:

You turn out. Orthotics may help.

  A bulge and wear to the side of the big toe:

  A too-narrow fit or you have a bunion. 

              Wear on the upper, above the toes:

The front of your shoe is too low.


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