Maintenance of Certification Requirements

Top 7 Things to Know for MOC and Recertification

  1. Visit the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery’s Web site at, with your certification expiration date in hand, to understand your deadlines.

  2. You will need to complete your CME and SCORED self-assessment exams 15 months before your certification expires.

  3. You will need to complete your case list 15 months before your certification expiration.

  4. Level 1 CME is required and the documentation.

  5. The Self-Assessment Exams need to be scored (Check with ABOS if Questions) and documented.

  6. You will need to apply for the recertification exam (oral or written) on May 15 of the year before your certification expires.

  7. Specific factors observed in case list:

    • Sign your site

    • Peri-operative antibiotics

    • DVT prophylaxis

    • Documentation of surgical time out*

*ABOS recommends dictating this in your Operative Note!

For questions, please visit the ABOS Web site at or call 919-929-7103.